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remake homeJason Gudmundson, president of CompuFirm, stiffs three redditors (and lots of extra), makes pretend account on reddit to defend himself, then recordsdata lawsuit against redditor because of the thread all in 10 hours. Not solely did he repost the identical imgur hyperlink with the same title however he also reposted the top comment from the original thread.

Redditor posts a picture of his “brother” Juan, a triple amputee war veteran. Kama_Blue steals 1000’s of Video Sport keys from a Advertising Supervisor at Amazon, then posts stated keys in their own giveaway. A brand new failure of a novelty account, sorts like some form of deranged Facebook lady and has racked up -11000 comment karma in 4 months.

Unbiased Minds Comments could be posted by members of our membership scheme, Unbiased Minds. With Kevin Gausman as Macaulay Culkin’s traditional character Kevin McCallister, the workforce has executed their own spin on one of the best Christmas film of all time. Each “Demise Wish” motion pictures within the 1974 unique and 2018 remake are primarily based on the 1972 novel of the same identify by Brian Garfield.

Redditor posts an argument towards the usage of phrases like “Risky click on”,”So courageous”,”You mad bro” will get downvoted, different Redditor tells first Redditor “fuck you” will get upvoted. Redditor creates alternate account to beg for upvotes for his other article, gets called out for it, and goes full conspiracy mode.