REthinking Media Artwork In K(C)ollaborative Environments

remake homeWhile Culkin was sport to do a short remake of the film’s most iconic moments (and he’s accomplished a humorous spin on the role earlier than for his web series), the actor seems a little bit bit over his iconic character ― especially across the holidays.

Any idiot can “troll” by spamming “nigger” or telling folks to go die in a fireplace, it is nice to see an actual artist for a change. Here is another scripted novelty account that downvotes all mentions of “facebook” and posts the identical drained remark about it.

Redditor advocates a holocaust of the Jewish people to “save” humanity. Bot account rips Youtube prime remark, replies to submit with it; Sad factor is it is really getting upvoted. Loser cant get women to message him back on OKcupid, so he catalog’s all of them and posts them on Reddit.

Redditor harasses OP’s on posting what he thought to be a faux AMA, ends up giving both OP’s an excessive amount of anxiousness to proceed. Man who hangs out within the LGBT subreddit and does nothing but put up homophobic feedback. Redditer moans on thread about dangerous exes, will get caught mendacity in his personal remark by responder, ADJUSTMENTS COMMENT, posts her on worstof.

Redditor posts “mom most cancers free” image and continues to troll within the feedback after they say he is faking. Redditor elburrito claims to be black to be able to submit racism, forgets to delete old racist comments. Redditor advertises a service that costs $2500 dollars for making a documentary of people, targeted towards the sick and aged, using the identify of a non-profit that does the identical thing totally free.