Special Situation “Networks In The International World”

remake homeGhee99 gets banned for some motive from one sub so decides to spam different subs the mods publish in to whine about it. Then acts dumbfounded as to why individuals discover this annoying and why all of reddit isn’t rallying to his trigger. Redditor posts picture of a spider in his drink.

Jason Gudmundson, president of CompuFirm, stiffs three redditors (and lots of more), makes pretend account on reddit to defend himself, then information lawsuit against redditor due to the thread all in 10 hours. Not solely did he repost the identical imgur link with the identical title but he also reposted the highest comment from the unique thread.

Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) knows rather a lot about handling a gun within the unique “Dying Want”. In the video ad, Culkin recreates a few of the film’s iconic scenes in the McCallister home. Redditor submits a put up with an intentional typo making an attempt to karma whore and win a wager.

This guy trolls people he disagrees with using racist slurs, extremely bigoted insults, and holding down the ‘H’ key loads. Notbeingatard threatens to ‘piss on his mom’ for not shopping for him an iPhone 5, takes image of … Read More