Tips for Choosing a Comfortable and Safe Rural Home

Having a comfortable and safe home is everyone’s dream. Therefore, do not be surprised if many people who have a dream home and are willing to look for the location of the house and home design in accordance with the wishes. Get tips on choosing a rural house in this article. Plus at this time there are already many property developers who provide housing complexes ready for habitation or indent for the community including you. So, you don’t need to bother building a house because you can buy it directly to property developers who offer and provide housing.

Not only in the city, housing developers even now also have penetrated many housing locations in the countryside. Including us who also created residential houses in the best villages that are comfortable and safe for you to live with your family. There are many advantages to having a house in the village that you can feel. Especially for those of you who prefer a beautiful, comfortable and peaceful environment. Houses in the countryside are a very, very right choice for you. There are many housing developers who build houses in the countryside. But remember, even though there are currently quite a lot of home developers in the countryside, including us, The Ortensia Village, which also offers housing in the village for you to occupy. You must remain careful in choosing housing in the village.

Choose Houses in the Village with Easy Access to the City

Even though its location is in a rural area, make sure you choose housing in the village that has easy access to go to the city. The point here is not to choose a house in the village with access that is quite difficult to go to the city center. For example, such as difficult and poor road access, the location is too far to go to the city center and others. So, you need to remember even though the location of the house is in a rural area. Still, you have to pay attention to road access and transportation access to get to the city. That way, for example, you work in the city, of course you will not be difficult to go to the office and return home. Right?

Choose Houses that Have Integrated and Environmentally Friendly Areas

Tips on choosing a house in the next village you also need to consider is to choose the location of the house in an integrated area. Choose a home that is completely safe and has a comfortable, peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. Not only the atmosphere and natural conditions are still beautiful, fresh and cool. You also need to consider the location of housing has an integrated area. So that way, you will feel more secure, comfortable and at home even in a rural area. The Ortensia Village offers residential housing in an integrated village area. Not only has the concept of an environmentally friendly region that fits inhabited by 3 generations ranging from children, productive age to the elderly. So, it is certain that you and your family will be healthy spiritually and physically while living in the residential of The Ortensia Village.

Houses in the Village Near Tourist Attractions

Continue to tips on choosing a house in the next village that you also need to consider is if possible make sure you choose a house in a village that is close to a tourist attraction. That way you will have the advantage of easy access when going on vacation with family. Not only that, if you happen to have a house in the city too. Your home in this rural area can be made as a lodging or villa for people who are on vacation and want to enjoy the cool and beautiful rural atmosphere while on vacation. Plus your house is also very close to attractions in the vicinity. Certainly although not inhabited as a residential house. Will remain a favorite of many people and open up business opportunities for lodging businesses that are selling well. That way, you will get 2 benefits which can be used as a comfortable dream home occupancy and can also be used as a place to stay for tourists who are on vacation because it is close to tourist attractions. The Ortensia Village is a housing estate located near tourist attractions in the Bogor area. In fact we also offer housing with the concept of the first flower garden in Indonesia. So, you can imagine how comfortable and pleasant it is to have a house in the countryside together with The Ortensia Village.

Choose Houses with Sharia Concepts and Systems

For those of you who hold fast to the Islamic Shari’a, it is definitely tips on choosing a house in this one village that you must pay attention to. Yes, make sure you choose a house that has a concept and sharia system to avoid the problem of usury.

At present there are already many housing developers with the concept of sharia, including us. We are housing developers in villages with the concept of sharia without usury. Because in arranging finance in housing construction we did not ask for help from the bank to bail out funds.
So, we will directly fund from the customer if it becomes a home in accordance with your wishes, dreams and dreams. No need to worry about the problem of usury because we also uphold the concept of sharia housing without usury.

Choose a House in the Village with a Comfortable Design Urban

Despite having a house in the village, home design problems must remain comfortable and modern. Make sure you choose a house design in a village that is modern and up to date even in rural areas. At The Ortensia Village you can choose the design of a house that suits your dream home and your dream home. We provide 1-storey house design, 2 storey lot with lots ready to build for making commercial shop houses too. So what are you waiting for? Still hesitant to have a house in the village? Life in the village is not completely outdated. In fact, living in rural areas close to the city is more comfortable with environmental conditions that are still beautiful, green, fresh, clean and safe.